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The Final Detail was established in 2001 and has served over 1,000 happy homeowners. The owner Steve Enguita is a Licensed Painting and Trim Carpenter.  He has an art background and uses his talents to form ideas and colors that would best suit the clients taste in design.

Between all that he offers, Steve knows this is “The Final Details” for your home.

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Our Services

Interior Painting We provide a high-quality paint job while protecting your furniture. We are different from most other painters, as we are custom painters and not production painters. If you appreciate more of a quality paint job, we are the ones for you.

Exterior Painting We fill cracks, tape windows, seal walls and apply a good quality exterior paint.

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets  We apply Lacquer to your kitchen cabinets. In SWFL there are very few people that know how to apply properly, and we are one of the few that do it correctly.

Color Consultant Steve has an Art background and tends to the latest trends and or the client’s desires.

Crown Molding installation We are licensed to install Crown Molding.  The great reason you would select us is that we include our price from the material, install, two coats of paint, putty, and caulk, all done by us. Very few trim carpenters offer this.

Murals Steve was an art major and he can paint whatever creation you want. You are actually the artist and Steve is just the hands to fulfill your creation.

Faux Finishing From faux paint techniques to Venetian plaster, The Final Detail Inc. offers over 40 different sample boards to choose from.

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